Here is the new release of winTZX (Build 0.9d 12/2017)

Load your favorites games with your ipod !

winTZX is a tool to convert ZX Spectrum, ZX 80, ZX 81, CBM64, ATARI ST emulators files into audio files that can be 
played back on a tape recorder (or floppy disk, or MP3 player) so that you can play your favorites games on your real machine again.
It runs on windows (XP and 7) and uses the PC's  soundcard.You can read more in the About section.
Supported formats are :
For Spectrum  : *.tzx, *.tap, *.mdr, *, *,*.bin (emuZwin 48K dump)
For Amstrad : *.tzx, *.cdt 
For CBM64 : *.tzx,*.t64,*.prg,*.p00
For ZX81 : *.tzx (block 0x19), *.P, *.P81, *.81             
For ZX80 : *.o             
For ATARI ST: *.st, *.msa (and direct conversion to/from floppy) 

Contact :